Luxury Canmore Condos at Renaissance Canmore

The art of contemporary mountain living

Architecture & Design

The Renaissance was an age in which artistic, social, scientific, and political thought turned in new directions… a time when the virtues of proportion and symmetry in architecture represented the beauty of proportion in nature. Renaissance architects, especially those in Italy, went to the ruins of ancient buildings to measure them and learn how proportion and symmetry were applied in real structures. The result of these studies was a new philosophy of beauty in building. Gothic spires and decorations imitating movement towards heaven were replaced by elegant symmetry demonstrating the intellect of man.

An artful balance of bold contemporary style and modern design, Renaissance represents a rebirth in mountain architecture that captures the true essence of Rocky Mountain living… an exclusive invitation to live in perfect balance with nature.

The signature of Renaissance’s bold contemporary style is its dramatic reverse pitch roofs and floor to ceiling glass walls that flood the luxurious living spaces with natural beauty and provide continuous picture frames of the stunning panoramas that encompass it. The enduring spirit of alpine design is captured by using native materials such as natural stone and fir timbers, and by leaving structural elements like brackets, beams and posts exposed.